Prerequisites for the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s Connectivity to Wi-Fi

As the entire globe unanimously knows, Amazon Fire TV Stick is arguably the best streaming device ever produced on the planet till now. It can be utilized by travelers seamlessly. Here are some requirements to connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without remote,

  • A robust wireless network facility in your home (Wi-Fi Network)
  • TV coupled up with an HDMI Port or an HDMI connector
  • Fire Stick’s remote in perfectly working condition
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick (any model or any generation)
  • The mobile device in operable condition
  • The mobile device and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are on the same page with regard to wireless connectivity via your home’s Wi-Fi network

There are a Couple of Methods to Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without Remote

Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without Remote

Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without Remote

Method 1: HDMI-CEC Remote

CEC Connotes Consumer Electronics Control

  • CEC remotes are highly advanced with respect to technology
  • The user can facilitate it via Settings, Display, and Sounds
  • Turn the HDMI-CEC on for enabling it instantaneously
  • It will be present on most of the top brands such as LG, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, and Onkyo

Method 2: Smartphone Converted as a Hotspot and a New Device for Control

Install the Fire TV’s official mobile application on your mobile device (any brand, any model)

  • Exploit the voice control features in a hassle-free manner without any obstructions
  • Just verify if the mobile device coupled up with the Amazon Fire TV Stick must be on the home’s Wi-Fi network
  • Get your SSID (Service Set Identifier) along with your network password available too
  • Download the Amazon Fire TV’s official application via the hotspot service on another device such as a phone or a tablet
  • Subsequently, share the hotspot with the other device too
  • Substitute it with a hotel’s Wi-Fi network and switch off the hotspot instead
  • Even devices such as the Echo or the Echo Dot too can be utilized via this mechanism
  • And learn how to connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without remote

Method 3: Acquire or borrow a remote for utilizing the Amazon Fire Stick

  • Facilitate a local network
  • Sync the brand-new remote to your already existing Amazon Fire Stick
  • The new remote will pair up soon and start working in a jiffy

Method 4: Exploit your TV’s remote itself

  • The TV remote must have an in-built HDMI-CEC characteristic without fail
  • Beyond, alter the TV’s in-built settings as well for smooth compatibility

Method 5: Facilitate connectivity through a hidden Wi-Fi network

  • Use the options- Settings, and Network
  • Add or join another network and type out the network name coupled up with the confidential password

Method 6: CetusPlay

Install a 3rd party software such as CetusPlay which enables incredible remote-control services via its unparalleled syncing to major streaming services and devices.

Method 7: Sync Fire TV Stick to PC’s USB Port via the ADB App

  • The user sends some key events after installing the ADB app to sync the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the hotel’s Wi-Fi network
  • It will work after a couple of minutes and connect the Fire TV Stick’s mobile app and the Amazon Fire Stick device rightly
  • It reboots and auto connects to Wi-Fi soon

Method 8: The User Downloads the Official Remote App via Amazon

  • Opt for keyboard input or voice commands as per your comfort
  • Press the symbolic round option on the remote app
  • Click anywhere to select the desired option
  • Go up to navigate
  • Utter the command via your own mouth
  • Users cannot attempt to try out either a 2nd substitute screen or display mirroring via handling the Remote App from Amazon
  • The remote apps work flawlessly sans batteries with Android 4.0 or more and iOS 7.0 or more

Finally, the user can utilize all these tricks cum shortcuts on how to connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi without remote. For more update on Amazon Fire TV Stick Setup, call us at +1-877-205-7350.