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How to Setup Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon is one of the most diverse countries in the market, and it’s CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man. Amazon Fire Stick is one of their products that has become the market leader in the streaming device industry. Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most famous devices in the continental US.

The Device

Faster and Less Expensive Than Ever


The device is popular for two reasons. The availability and the compatibility of the device.

Grab It

The device is up for the grab just in Amazon! You don’t even have to go to the store and pick one up.

Prime Videos

You can order movies and Prime videos and instantly available in your Amazon Fire Stick.

Device Setup

Connecting the Device To Your TV

We, a team of experts in the streaming device industry since inception, are here to help you with the Amazon Fire Stick Setup.

And we will take you through the process of connecting your Fire Stick to your internet connection

Finally, complete installing the channels to your Amazon account.

4K Ultra HD

Alexa Voice Remote

Dolby Atmos Audio

Dolby Vision

Amazon Account

Do You Have One?

Account Creation

To start with the Amazon Fire Stick setup, you will need an Amazon account. If you do not have one, please go ahead and create one. Go to your search engine and search for “Amazon account creation”. Click on the Amazon Sign up link and start the account creation process.

Account Information

The first thing you will be asked is your first name, then your contact information and then you will also be asked for your payment information to complete the process. This account information will be prompted to you whenever you make a purchase from your Amazon account.

Once the account creation got over, you will be navigated to your Amazon account.

You can use the account to shop in Amazon or use the same login ID to use it as your Prime account.

Prime is Amazon’s separate streaming service, and you get a lot of movies, series, and original titles from Amazon Prime.

In a few model of Amazon streaming devices, you will even have the option to get it with Prime, for a year.

Alexa Voice Remote94%
Dolby Vision88%
Picture Quality98%
Audio Systems92%
amazon fire stick setup

Amazon Fire Stick Setup

The first step in setting the device up is unboxing the Amazon device. So, please go ahead and take the device out of the box.


You will have an USB adopter, an UDB cable and a remote control.


After taking it out, please connect the USB device to the adapter.

Power Socket

This adopter is plugged into a power socket for device power.

USB cable

Finally, connect the other end of the USB cable to the Amazon device.

How to change the TVs input settings?

Once you connect the device to your TV, you will have to change the input settings to view your Fire Stick screen on the TV.

  1. Go to TV settings and navigate to input settings.
  2. The default selection is the TV/AV. You will have to change it to where the Amazon Fire Stick is connected.
  3. Now that you have connected to the TV via the HDMI cable, please change the Input to HDMI cable.
  4. After you change the selection, you will see the Amazon Fire Stick screen on your TV.

The next step in the Amazon Fire Stick setup is to connect the device to the internet and then sign in to your Amazon account.

Connecting your Amazon Fire Stick to the internet


Unfortunately, you cannot connect your Amazon Fire Stick to the internet via a wired connection. The only way you can connect the device with a wireless router.


If you have that, go ahead to the Amazon Fire Stick menu, and go to the internet settings for the connection. In there, please select the name of your WiFi.


Once you select the WiFi, if your internet router is password protected, then you will be asked to enter the same. This is the step of the Amazon Fire Stick setup.

Logging into your Amazon account

Amazon account

The final step of the Amazon Fire Stick setup is to log into your Amazon account. Please enter the login credentials and login to your Amazon account.

Account Creation

If you choose to do so, then the amount for it will be dedicated from the account details that you had provided during the time of account creation.

Prime subscription

If you do not want the prime subscription, then please skip and proceed to the Amazon channel store.

Device installation

Now that the Amazon Fire Stick installation is over, you can select channels that you need to install in your Amazon account and continue watching them from anywhere, any time.

Amazon Channel Activation

Go to the Amazon Channel store. In there, go to the search bar. Enter the channel’s name or the name of the series or the movie that you want to watch. Once you enter the same, you will have to hit search. The search will fetch you all the channels that have relevance to the keyword you had just typed


Connecting Device to a Dorm or Hotel Internet

Given the fact that the Amazon Fire Stick is a handy little tool, you can take it along with you on road trips, and connect it to the TV in the hotel, and start streaming.

The only thing you will have to take notice of, is there is no need to do the entire Amazon Fire Stick setup again. You just have to change the TVs input connection, and connect to the hotel internet.

While doing so, please connect to the internet specifying that you don’t want the connection to remember you, or you don’t want the Amazon device to remember the connection.

This is so that the internet service provider does not get access to your data. If you have any questions with the Amazon Fire Stick setup process, please do let us know!